One School at a Time

Encouraging Teachers

According to previous surveys in Kenya, nearly half of government employed teachers want to leave the profession due to poor working conditions. It's our mission to change that!

Empowering Students

Too often, students in Kenya lack the basic needs to get them through a full school day let alone a semester. Some students even go without food. We strive to fill these needs.

Enhancing Campuses

School facilities are overlooked far too often. Hope Markers works with administration to support infrastructure projects that help enhance campuses and stimulate learning.

Our Initiatives

Health & Hygiene


Student Meals

Nourish the Need

Supplies & Resources

Train & Equip

Sports Supplies

Let 'Em Play

Facility Improvements

Enhance a Campus

The Greatest Need

Priority #1


2023 Was a Great Year!

January 2024

Much was accomplished in 2023 but there’s much more to do! Watch how Hope Markers continues to partner with Kenyan schools to create environments where teachers are encouraged, students are empowered, and campuses are enhanced.

Hope Alliance

Like-minded non-profits coming together to empower students and schools through faith, education, sports, and mentoring.

Where to find us


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